Mince pies and magic

24th December

It’s time to pause and eat some mince pies! But first, I want to thank all of the people I have worked with this year; both colleagues and clients and readers of my blog. I also want to leave you with a bouncy thought for the coming year…

Do you share your ideas with others? If you’re thinking about starting a blog in 2016 – or writing posts on LinkedIn – or even commenting on industry forums; this post is for you.

You probably don’t see the world like everyone else – that would be boring! This magical video made me question how I see the world. We all see magic that other people overlook. Your view-point and ideas can help other people. Is it time for you to make a dent in the world? Or build your reputation as an expert in your field?

I’m encouraging you to be brave and share your ideas and creativity with others. Start some exciting conversations n 2016! I can help you plan or create that content. Let me know if you’d like some help.

Three Thought Bubbles will re-open on 11th January. I wish you all a relaxing holiday with plenty of digital detoxing!

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