Course Outline

Three Thought Bubbles is now closed – I am no longer offering these courses.

three thought bubbles blogging workshop

Below is an outline of the courses I used to offer. It is a record of the material I created for individual and group workshops.

The first step is to get crystal clear on these points; what is a blog and why should you write one? And who is your ideal customer and how can you help them?

The early stages: Let’s get inspired and learn how to connect and network online.

The art of storytelling and being authentic. How do you write for an online audience and how do people read online? We’ll look at how you can choose content that will excite your readers.

Next, we’ll look at design and layout and the visual impact of your blog. Good navigation is essential so that your reader can find what they are looking for.

Imagery; strong visuals are essential for your blog. We’ll discuss taking your own photos as well as well as using other peoples. We look at the importance of copyright and crediting of images.

Image manipulation; Aisling will share some free or inexpensive online image manipulation tools.

And finally, we’ll talk about how blogging is a journey and not an event! It’s all about connecting with people and continuing to learn new skills.

What else will you get from the workshop?

  • Seven hours of interactive learning with 5 other creative business owners.
  • The opportunity to have your blog evaluated if you have one (or you can come back to Aisling when your blog is launched). Aisling will offer feedback on your branding, design and content.
  • A three thought bubbles workbook with lots of additional notes and exercises for you to continue at home.
  • An online resource pack with links to inspirational content, useful applications and tools.
  • An invitation to a private facebook group where you can continue to connect and collaborate with fellow students who have completed the course.

All photos © Aine Teahon