Being honest

7th January

What’s the point in writing for an audience if you’re not being truthful and honest? One of the things that blogging has taught me is that I need to keep it real for myself too. Otherwise I would have stopped long ago!

The best way to improve your blog is to discover the elements that attract you to other sites. How can you use these ideas in a way that suits your business? It’s not about copying. It’s about taking that idea or concept and making it your own.

Yesterday’s web discovery was The Honest kitchen; an Australian food blog with a difference. The name  intrigued me first, followed by their honest and simple philosophy. Basically this blog is all about presenting food in an honest setting;

No intimidating ingredients or complicated stocks. No using every single pan in the house and creating a mound of washing up, just to create a delicious and healthy dinner.

The photographs, too, reflect this philosophy. Our food is approachable and achievable in an everyday setting, so it is plated and photographed truthfully, in a real working kitchen, before being devoured by family and friends, the people we love to feed.

An Honest Kitchen blog


This approach really appeals to me as a reader and has encouraged me to write some posts with a similar feel over on my business blog. It’s so tempting to make everything look and sound perfect on your blog. Lately, I’m pulling myself back from this way of thinking. Perfection can be boring!

While scrolling through the visual feast, I found this post about a failed recipe called ‘Some recipes don’t work‘. One of the main reasons why I want to teach others to write a blog is that there seems to be a reluctance or fear of putting ourselves out there. Why are we nervous of sharing our creative process?


‘Some recipes don’t work’ post


This post shows the reality of creating any new thing; it doesn’t always come out like you expect! And that’s the exciting part of the process. I’d like to be brave enough to share similar projects on my business blog. This post has certainly inspired me to think differently. If someone is reading a blog about a creative person, they are interested in the how and why of what you do. That’s where the interesting story is to be found.

So my tip for you is to start gathering inspiration – look outside of your industry for fresh ideas. What grabs your attention and why? What can you tweak to make it distinctively ‘you’ and inspiring for your reader? Let’s get more honest and knock perfectionism on the head!

Top photo collage – images by Luisa Brimble
Bottom collage via An Honest Kitchen.

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