Blogging – how do you feel about learning a new skill?

13th October

Yesterday I took a workshop in the Chester Beatty Library. I learned how to make a sculptural, folded book using origami techniques. I’m writing this post because I want to ask you a question – How do you feel about learning a new skill? One of the reasons I took this workshop was to explore how I felt about this question! If you’re thinking about blogging, these ideas might help you!

Sandi Sexton teaches bookmaking workshops in Dublin

Sandi Sexton – origami bookmaking workshop, Chester Beatty Library.

I spotted this 3 hour workshop with Sandi Sexton on Twitter and signed up immediately! It was a chance to learn something new and have fun on a Sunday afternoon. All at my favourite gallery; The Chester Beatty Library.

Quite often, I beat myself up when I begin to learn something new. I want to be brilliant at it straight away. This time, I decided to observe myself as I learned!

We met Sandi and she showed us a selection of her sculptural art books. There were about 25 people at the class. All of the tools and materials were laid out for each of us. All we had to do was watch, listen and then experiment.

Here’s what I learned –

Understanding – As Sandi demonstrated and explained the techniques, I noticed that a couple of people were taking notes. I realised that this works well for me. Sometimes you need to have the basic steps written in a way that makes sense to you. It’s like learning to drive, after a while you complete the sequence automatically!

Messing up! I made a few really obvious mistakes. And then I was conscious of how irritated it made me feel to mess something up! Then I relaxed and started over again. That’s how we learn.

Working with a group means that everyone works at a different pace. Some people were faster or slower than me and I fought the urge to get into a competition.

Wow, this is a big one! Learning something new should be fun. Let’s get in the right mind-set before we start.

Support and observe
There was a brilliant feeling of community in the class (just as in the online blogging world). We chatted about our lives and enjoyed meeting new people. Afterwards we admired each others creations and the different variations in style.

Origami book-making
Here is my first experiment in book-making – Plenty of room for improvement and hours of pleasure ahead!

I know that people who are new to blogging are nervous about where to start. It’s a universal feeling when we jump outside our comfort zone. Here are my tips for new bloggers: Think about how great it is to have a new skill! Learn in a way that suits you. Don’t expect to be brilliant straight away – allow yourself the space to experiment. Go at your on pace and have fun. Connect and support other people and they’ll do the same for you. And then repeat!

I’d be happy to help you get started. I offer a range of training to suit all levels.

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