Blogging tips – shake up the world with the word ‘why’

18th November

The word ‘why’ shakes up our world – it helps us find out who we are and what excites us! There is a constant stream of whys rolling through our mind every day. I’m here to help bloggers (newbies and seasoned ones) to understand how important this word is. Why do you like certain content, brands or experiences and why do you dislike others? In order to create great content, you first need to examine what you like and don’t like.

A big shout out to John-Paul Flintoff as his sketch below was the trigger for this post. What a great question to get us started! Why do you have favourite or least favourite foods? I’m encouraging you to practice your ‘why’ muscle!
Illustration by John-Paul Flintoff

I’m going to show you ways to catalogue this information to inspire your own writing and branding. Your likes and dislikes may be completely different to mine. That’s what this exercise is all about!

I started writing about the things that excite and annoy me and then I had this idea – I’ve been talking about making a podcast for a while so this is the perfect topic! Here’s some of the things I’ll be talking about –

I like… honesty

Informal writing styles



Fun and humour


Business stories

And visually attractive brands

Now, what do you like?

Let’s get you started with some practical action steps. I am constantly researching and saving content and find that Google Docs or Evernote are great tools for this. Below is a simple example to show you how to create categories to save links in. I have included Good design, Good ‘About’ or bio pages, Fresh approach, Clear calls to action, Captivating post titles, Competitors, Striking visual ideas and Mixed media content. You create categories for things that inspire you. Include some negatives in there too! Simply save the links and an explanation in each case.

Tools for bloggers

How does this help you to blog?
You’ll soon get a clear sense of what you like and don’t like on the web. This will help you design your content in every sense of the word. And you’ll have more fun with it too, When you’re passionate about your writing, it shows!

Tips and takeaways for you;
Know what you like and dislike on the web. Use that as a way to inspire what you create. Awareness is the first step!If you’d like help with that, give me a shout. I train business owners how to tell their story on and off-line.

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