Business blogging; the difference between ‘how’ and ‘how can’

16th September

The more I learn about writing and communication, the more excited I get by the power of words. But lately I’ve become fascinated by how the words we choose to talk to ourselves have a massive impact on the actions we take. If you’re thinking about starting a business blog, you’re probably asking yourself lots of how questions. How will I know what to write about? How will people find my blog? How will I find the time in my busy day?

Stop and ask yourself some ‘how can‘ questions instead; you might surprise yourself with what happens next.

How you look at things

‘How can’ questions immediately encourage you to find solutions! For example, ‘How can I find time in my busy day?’ might help you look at how you actually spend your day. How can I spend that time more wisely? How can I get someone to help me with other aspects of my work that I don’t enjoy doing?

If you’re a business owner, you’re already a genius problem solver! That’s why your clients are happy to pay you money. You can help yourself to perform better by asking yourself better questions. I’m encouraging you to start them with ‘How can’.

Small shifts in thinking can lead to better habits! I’ve written posts on topics that relate to this one.

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Has the ‘How can‘ question captured your imagination today? I really hope so! Please share any ideas on this word debate below or on Facebook or Twitter.

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