Business humour and unexpected Ebay chuckles

10th April

You laugh in real life with your customers, so let’s bring some humour into your online brand! Your business doesn’t have to be serious all the time. How often does a brand make you smile? We click through websites with corporate sounding messages that make our eyes glaze over. Ebay gave me a chuckle yesterday when they pointed something out to me…”Your shopping cart is empty, but it doesn’t have to be.”

I had one of those smiling by yourself moments! The Ebay team made me {pause} for a moment. I didn’t rush off and fill my cart up with random stuff but this message made a connection with me. My previous feelings about Ebay ranged somewhere between a slot-machine and a junk shop! Trust is such a huge part of business transactions and we’ve become distrustful of sites that sound like robots.

ebay entertains customers

It’s been a while since I’ve visited the Ebay site and I was also surprised to see their new Pinterest style format. In a world of web text, image surfing is a soothing and addictive alternative. It’s also a proven format to increase sales. A growing section on Pinterest is the gift section. Pins that include a product price are included in this section and can be purchased online. Businesses who can market themselves visually are increasing their brand awareness and turnover.

The Ebay model encourages us to buy something that we’re not currently looking for. It’s a lucky-dip of sorts. Some people like to stumble across things without having to go searching for them. This random visual mix excites our senses. It’s not as random as it looks though – the images that are presented to you are based on your previous interactions or purchases.

ebay pinterest

When I signed in using my husband’s account, I was in a world of power kites and outdoor gear.
That is Ben’s passion and there was lots there to tempt him to buy! Some people dislike the idea that they’re only being presented with things that fall within their tracked history. What happens it you want to be introduced to new ideas and things? It’s interesting to follow this debate and see differing viewpoints on it! Personally, I like to be surprised with new things… but I appreciate a bit of filtering.

ebay pinterest mens interest

In my next post I’ll share a Youtube video that shows you how to have your products included in the Pinterest gift section. Wouldn’t it be great to have a worldwide audience for your products? The video will talk you through the simple steps.

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