Invest in mattering…

25 March

Invest in mattering

I’m a curator of ideas and I love sharing them with others. A single thought can brighten your day or set you on a new track. It can convince you that there are more viewpoints than you thought possible. Here’s one that has been lodged in my brain for weeks – Invest in Mattering.

Seth Godin threw this idea out into the world and I caught it! I’ve since shared it with as many people as I can. Here’s his idea. The old style of marketing was about shouting – interrupting people and telling them about your great products. Things are different now though. Social media is about building relationships and trust – so the shouty stuff makes us cross. We want to discover things ourselves and ask for help if we need it. There’s a sense of adventure in discovering things online. We like to follow a serendipitous trail of links to find our pot of gold!

Invest in Mattering. Decide to matter in what you make and to matter in the way that you talk about it.

Seth Godin

Yesterday I gave a talk for to the Start Network on how to humanise your business on the web. I spoke about the two things I believe strongly:

Businesses need to have clarity on what they do and who they help. And they need to find meaningful ways to communicate their message with their niche customers. By definition, that means repelling certain people.

Here’s the result – You have greater confidence because you can articulate your offerings clearly and your customers have greater confidence in you because they know that what you’re offering is exactly what they need.

Austin Kleon wrote a great post on what he calls the ‘So what’ test. He talks about how we have a natural inclination to share things and be generous. However, we should always stop and ask ourselves this question first; Is it useful or interesting?

So what test

Yesterday I asked the audience at my talk to consider what they wanted to be known for. I think it’s a question worth considering carefully. Once you know what it is, you can start building on this reputation. You can post with real intention so you that you have a memorable and consistent online story.

What do you want to be the go-to person for? You get to choose!

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