Does your brand spark my imagination?

6th May

Some business owners are flinging content out into space, hoping that it will stick. Formulas are being followed and readers, like you and I, are getting bored and exhausted. These two words have been hitting me hard lately – It’s making me question the value of much of what is being shared. The web provides an endless stream of answers but maybe we’re missing out on something much more valuable – the power and joy of triggering the imagination.

Great stories or communication leave room for the imagination. They don’t tell us everything. We come online to learn new things and to be inspired but we also want to be entertained. Without emotion, our experience of the world is very flat.

Here are three examples of ‘moving’ content that surprise and totally engage me. They happen to be video content but there are plenty of ways to inspire readers with written word too.

Dame Media
When I first landed on the Dame Media website, I had a ‘laughing alone with my laptop’ moment. What did their silent (almost) black and white video say to me? We do things differently, we’re confident and we’re not stuffy. If you’re looking for bland corporate videos, we’re not for you. And there’s a second giggle in store if you scroll to the bottom of their homepage.

Dame Media Dublin

Airbnb attract surprise and adventure seekers. They remind us of those beautiful human encounters that happen when we leave our regular routine behind. That’s why their silent stream of host and traveller tales on the homepage is so effective. No narrative is needed. We simply imagine acting out our own movie snippet! Silence gives us that space to interpret what we see. Like I mentioned above; it leaves room for our imagination.


And finally, ‘A wedding in reverse’ is a different twist on moving images. This short film combines two clever elements; slow motion and reverse action.

In just 3 minutes and 17 seconds, an incredible story is shared. We see flickers of facial expressions that are normally overlooked. It reminds us how fast our everyday world is. Of how important human connection is. The musical soundtrack gives us the space to interpret what we are seeing. This quote from Velare sums up what they do differently –

We decided early on that we wanted to take large risks of potential failure by making films we felt had true meaning and emotion – even if it meant going against the tide of the wedding industry and the status quo for wedding cinematography.

tim // amy – denver, co from VELARE on Vimeo.

These three examples surprised me in different ways. They may not have the same effect on you – we all respond to different things! But I’m asking you to consider new ways of making your content come alive. It’s easier to follow formulas but what’s the point in that? I want to tell you that choosing and creating content can be fun – and it’s something that I can help you with.

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