How often should I blog?

20th December

‘How often should I blog?’ is one of the most asked questions by bloggers. Your way may not be my way and your readers will be different to mine. Only you can answer this question.

I try to blog once a week but don’t beat myself up if this doesn’t happen. I am not writing a blog so that I can have 3,000 monthly readers. Having a massive readership is not the purpose of my business blog. To me, that’s all about the ‘Like me‘ Facebook mentality.  What percentage of those 3,000 people do you think are really interested in what you are selling?

I love hearing other people’s perspectives on what works for them. I came across a post on this topic by Grain and Gram recently. Here’s a snippet where they explain how they blog infrequently. (Read the full post). I appreciate their honesty and totally get what they’re saying;

When starting Grain & Gram, we were all well aware how much less frequent our offerings would be in relation to most other online blogs and publications, and we were (and still are) okay with that. We knew this would mean a small collection, but we also knew it would help us to maintain a crafted and quality collection, without filler or fluff.

Filter and fluff sums it up perfectly doesn’t it? I find the best policy is to only write when I have something that I really want to say. If you’re not writing about stuff that excites you, then your readers won’t want to read it either. It makes sense doesn’t it?

Photo credit: John Goodridge

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