How to blog for your Irish wedding business

7th April

How to write a blog for your Irish wedding business

Are you an Irish wedding business owner who would like to connect better with your customers on the web? I can help you to humanise your business by training you how to write an authentic blog. You already know who your ideal clients are – and you love working with them. I can show you how to translate your face to face personality online so that your clients get a sense of who you are and how you do business.

I have a new training course specifically designed for wedding industry professionals. Here’s how I can help you – First up, I know how many of you are petrified by the whole idea of social media! I used to be like that too until I discovered a new way of communicating. Blogging completely changed the way I thought about marketing. I found a genuine and effective way to connect with my customers before we met in person. And the feedback from clients was amazing.

We each have different ways of connecting. Some people are great on stage or at a networking event. Others do really well telling stories or relating one-to-one. But business happens online now, so we must make an emotional connection here first. I have fifteen years experience working in the wedding industry and seven years blogging – here is my story:

Before launching Three Thought Bubbles, I owned Rangoli Jewellery. Working one to one with clients every day made me understand how important this human connection is. I had a professional website but I realised that it didn’t show my personality or convey what it was like to do business with me. So, I started writing a business blog in 2008. My customers loved getting a behind the scenes glimpse into my business. I found ways to share content that excited and inspired them. My blog helped me to build trust before a face-to-face meeting. It also gave me huge clarity on what I wanted from my business. It helped me to seek the kind of work I wanted more of.

Rangoli Jewellery website

My blog was twice a finalist in Blog Awards Ireland for ‘Best blog of a SME’. Blogging made me realise that I could chat and connect in a natural way online. My customers got a sense of what it was like to do business with me. They trusted that I could help them.

I understand your industry and the personal relationships that you build with your couples. Bridal specialists are brilliant at listening and interpreting ideas for their clients. I also understand the pressures of running a successful business and all the juggling that is involved. I can give you the confidence and skills to translate what you do so well, to the web!

  • I’ll help you know what to write about – together, we’ll create a content strategy and calendar.
  • I’ll teach you how to find your voice – really it’s about writing in a conversational style and using language that you use in real life.
  • I help you understand how people read content online and how to write for this audience.
  • I’ll support you and hold you accountable! I’ll give you practical tips and tools to get you started.
  • I’ll show you how to make blogging a regular and valuable part of your business.

    Learn how to write a blog for your wedding business

    Here’s some feedback from Aine Teahan from ‘And Baby Makes Three‘, formerly Allegria Wedding Photography.

    I am now blogging consistently on a weekly basis and I can see huge benefits for our business – more that 80% of our business comes as a result of the blog! If you’re on the fence about blogging or have lost your way, Aisling will get you on track. She is enthusiastic, full of great ideas and she will inspire you to get your story out there. It will be the best investment you could possibly make for your business.

    New bloggers always have some questions and I’m happy to answer them. Please give me a call on 087 635 5655 and we can have a chat! Otherwise you can send me an email. Read more about my one-to-one training and pricing. If you’d like me to help you tell your story, we can discuss that too.

    Image credit: Rangoli bride Aisling – (read her wedding story). Photographer: Peter Gordan of ExploreLight

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