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11th March

How about treating your ears to a new learning experience? Today, I’m inviting you to listen and learn – to literally hear ideas in a new way. I’m sharing an audio library filled with thought-swirling ideas on how social media and business connect. Last year I attended a social media ‘un-conference’in Cong, (review in a previous post). In order to ‘earn’ a ticket, attendees submitted a short article on a social topic that interested them. In this post I share some audio versions of these posts read by their authors.

To set the scene, here is Gianni Catalfamo who travelled from Italy to ‘huddle‘ with social geeks in the remote village of Cong. Rather than reading an article, Giovanni talks about what he calls the ‘experience’ of Cong. I love his quote – “I found myself entangled in lots of interesting discussions…listening for me and engaging in conversations was much more rewarding than delivering a speech.” This quote sums up what Cong was all about; meeting interesting people in person and having spontaneous two-way conversations.

There are 26 audio posts currently in the Soundcloud collection – and 62 written posts available in the CongRegation eBook.

Here are a few that struck a chord with me –

Joy RedmondIf Content is King then Research is Emperor
Synopsis: Quality research will always have a seat at the table. Here are 5 good reasons to put primary research on your agenda: 1) Developing relevant, accurate marketing 2) Establishing credibility 3) Feeding product development 4) Gaining Media Exposure 5) Making a contribution.

Alastair Mc Dermott
What hope for us, the anti-social?
Synopsis: Social media is not for everyone. Make a conscious decision on whether it’s for you.

Alan TyrrellConnected To Discontentment Through The Connectivity Paradox
Synopsis: In our hyperconnected world, are we multi-tasking or multi-failing?

Roseanne Smith
What’s in my handbag: My Favourite WordPress Plugins.
Synopsis: A roundup of my current favourite WordPress plugins including tips on how I choose from the multitude of plugins available in the WordPress Directory..

My own post is called ‘Is there a human in there?’
Synopsis: I am continually intrigued by how businesses present themselves on the web. I believe that brands must become more human online if they want to connect with potential customers.

I highly recommend that you come along to CongRegation later this year – the #cong15 date has been set for November 28th 2015. Eoin Kennedy is collecting your ‘expressions of interest’!

Are you up for it?

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