Meet Aisling

Hi, I’m Aisling! I have edited this page as Three Thought Bubbles is now closed. This is my updated business story –

Since 1998, I have owned and run two businesses. Some might say that they were poles apart but I discovered that I have a core skill – I understand people and I can communicate meaningfully with them. This skill was essential both as a jeweller and a social media trainer!

The most important thing I’ve learned in 17 years of business is this; There will always be people with similar skills to you. What makes you different is your story and how you tell it.

I stand by the two reasons I set up Three Thought Bubbles; to help businesses to be more human on the web and to help them to communicate with meaning and clarity. I still believe that human and marketing are words that can co-exist – if we choose to communicate with intention.

My back story:
I set up my previous jewellery business, Rangoli, in 1998. Designing for brides taught me about listening and storytelling. I loved that part of my job. Before that, studying graphic design helped me understand branding. I came to realise that visual branding is only one part of your brand. We need to translate our face to face business personality onto the web. This is why I set up Three Thought Bubbles; to help other businesses to emotionally connect with their customers online.

Working one to one with clients gave me huge insights into what people love and want from life. We seek connection with other people. And we want to feel heard. I’ve become disillusioned with how many businesses are using social media today – I believe that it’s time to stop ‘creating content’ for SEO robots. I’m still awed by the possibilities that technology offers us. I’m simply questioning the ‘best practice’ formulas that many people follow today.

My ‘today’ story:
I’m stepping away from the world of social media in order to do some deep learning in a distraction free zone. I’ve committed to learning new skills. One of the triggers for this move is a business trend that worries me today; we want to distill everything down to a 5 step process. Social media obliges and rehashes the formulas daily. I want to do some deep learning which involves messy exploration with no set objectives. I want to learn through doing the work myself.

That’s it for now – no trumpet fanfares or lengthy speeches. I have thoroughly enjoyed working in this field. Who knows what the next chapter will hold. I’d love to stay connected with you – Twitter is my platform of choice.


Aisling Nelson