One great Pinterest tip for business

16th April

In my last post I promised to share a Pinterest how-to video. Did you know that by adding a dollar price tag to your Pinterest image, it automatically gets added to their Pinterest Gifts section? That means that people who are actively searching to buy something, can view your product or service, with a direct link to your site. This simple hashtag can lead to increased sales and exposure for your business.

What is a hastag? It looks like this # and when it is placed directly beside a word or phrase, it allows you to tag content online. This helps other people to be able to find information related to this topic. It works in a similar way to facebook tagging, which uses the @ symbol. In this Youtube video, Andrew McCarthy shows you how simple it is to add your images to the Gift Gallery on Pinterest.

I visited the Gift section and did a quick search for ‘frames’ and found a huge selection to choose from. Each image is a link to the original source, where the item can be purchased. Search the Pinterest Gift  Gallery for images from your industry – it may give you ideas for product photography or infographics that you could create. 

pinterest tip how to add images to pinterest gifts section

In my next post I’m going to be talking about making the time to blog. I’ll be sharing a new 30 day habit I’ve challenging myself to. It involves early starts but I’m enjoying it hugely!

I’m now offering a course of three, one-to-one sessions to help blogging novices get launched. If you need that extra bit of encouragement, get in touch and we’ll have a chat!

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