How to repel your customers

27th June

Sounds crazy right? Why would you want to repel any customers? Think of it this way – your business should immediately attract or repel customers. If you’re trying to appeal to everyone, you’ll end up appealing to no-one. This is a part of my training that I love – I help you to de-clutter your business message. The more comfortable you get with the idea of repelling certain customers, the stronger your brand will be. Your customers will be happier too because you’ll be saving them time by being upfront about exactly who you can help. Here are some examples of businesses who are brave and clear in describing what they do and who they help. I can train you how to write a blog that will do just that. By repelling certain customers, you’ll be attracting more of the ones you want!

These three businesses attract me with their honesty and humour!  The real people behind these businesses shine out. And you can also clearly see that they love what they do.

Design Tripper could be compared to Airbnb but with a strong emphasis on good design. They curate a list of  accommodation around the world which offers an alternative to corporate hotels.  You’ll find cabins, cottages, B&Bs and family-owned hotels. Delighted to see that Ballyvolane House are listed there too.


“Designtripper explores the intersection of travel and design with genuine curiosity and good taste. We put authenticity, character, and thoughtful design before hi-definition plasma TVs, iPod docking stations and in-room jacuzzis. We promise never to tell you the thread count of bedding, and we don’t care what celebrity slept in what room. Aside from showcasing indie/boutique/family-owned/design/artist-designed hotels, motels, inns, B&Bs, lodges, ryokans, riads, hostels, treehouses and, yes, even tricked-out tents and campervans, designtripper also focuses on the speedily growing network of for-rent vacation homes, apartment, villas, and haciendas. If you’ve ever sifted through 1,765 ho-hum listings for a house to rent in Mexico, then you already understand the value. But make no mistake: We are not brokers. We do not handle your reservations, book your plane ticket or make your bed in the morning. We tell the story of that 200-year-old family-owned hacienda a dirt path from the beach that looks far more interesting and chic than any five-star resort. Or a French country house nestled in a field of lavender, an urban flat above an old-school pub with a single beer on tap and a boarding room upstairs, or a rustic one-room cabin decorated with found objects and art that sits at the edge of an organic farm. We inspire you to see the world through someone else’s home.”

Next up is Claire Ryan from The Informal Florist. Even Claire’s business name gives a hint for how she likes to do business. And there are certain arrangements that Claire just doesn’t want to create!


“A few things about The Informal Florist: I’m a self-taught floral designer who is very fond of relaxed, non-traditional floral design. I’m much less fond of flowers sprayed with paint, dipped in glitter, or structured bouquets speared with diamontes. And if I’m honest; working with gerbera daisies.

I specialise in floral design for weddings and events that is lush, unstructured and informally elegant. I utilise the best of what is in season and include what can be sourced locally. With a keen eye for design and a passion for styling beautiful flowers, I work with clients to create a cohesive floral look for their day across the bridal party, ceremony and venue flowers.”

Finally, I’ve been a fan of these two since my bridal designer days. ‘We are the Mastersons’ are Irish wedding photographers with a really distinctive style. They don’t appeal to everyone and they don’t want to.


“our philosophy:

we’re in the business of capturing moments in life. that’s it. it really is that simple. yet the magic of great photography is how we can press the pause button at the moments that matter most to you. great photography slows time down, giving the space and stillness needed to see things that would otherwise be missed. so much of life can pass us by because of being distracted by something else. that’s why we’re here – to see those moments so that later on, you can too. we won’t ask you to pose or smile or turn your head this way or that. why would we? there is so much already out there that is real and true and beautiful. life moves pretty fast. if you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you’ll miss it.”



It’s a huge relief when you understand who you do and don’t want to work with. It’s like the sense of calm that you get after you de-clutter a room. Best of all, you’re making it easier for the right customers to find you! Soon I’ll be offering classes on how to write a great ‘About’ page for your site. Would you like to be notified of up-coming classes?

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