What is your six word business story?

27th May

Last week, I was at a Creative Mornings Dublin talk. The worldwide theme was ‘Reality’ and the speaker was Bob Gray from Red & Grey Design. Bob talked about their design process and how they help clients to get really clear on what they actually do. He then talked about the power of writing a six word business story. I use this technique with clients too.

Six word business story

Ernest Hemingway was challenged to write the six word story above; “For sale. Baby shoes. Never worn.” It’s amazing how much emotion this tiny story evokes. We want to know why the shoes are for sale – and more importantly, what happened to the baby. The reason this exercise is so powerful for businesses is twofold – if you are crystal clear about how you can help customers, it makes it easy for them to understand too. It’s a prerequisite to a sale!

What is your six word business story?

Some of my clients find it tricky to sum up what they do in a few words. Here are some tips that will help you:

Capture lots of words that describe what you do
Put yourself in your customers’ shoes and choose words that will mean something to them
Edit it down to six words that sum up how you can make someone else’s life better

Irish company ‘Strong Roots’ say more with less words!

Strong roots - Irish frozen vegetable food company

I came across a new Irish business called Strong Roots yesterday. Their website communicates what they do in simple and meaningful language. They are on a mission ‘to revolutionise frozen food’. And they have a great six word mission statement –

“Honesty in food from underground flavours”

Here’s the truth

It’s refreshing (and surprising) to come across a business that has a clear brand message. I don’t need a dictionary to understand what ‘Strong Roots’ do. They value my time by explaining succinctly how they can help me. If I’m interested in quality, frozen sweet potatoes, I’m in the right place! If not, I’m off.

Strong Roots

Business is about people and it’s about communication. Do your customers understand what you do when they visit your website or blog? Have a go at creating your own short story. Then ask for some feedback from people who don’t know you!

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