What do adult colouring books and blogging training share in common?

20 July

There is a message surfing around the internet which is hard to miss – “Done is better than perfect”. (Mostly imagined) fears rattle around in our heads and hold us back from starting things. But today when I read an article about adult colouring books, it reminded me of something clients often say to me – “I’m not creative”. I’ve discovered that most of us need help in realising that we are creative. If we don’t believe this, it’s hard to put hand to keyboard and start publishing content.

Creativity takes many forms and the visual form is the one that mostly springs to mind. But how about the art of words; people who can skilfully juxtapose words to inspire new meaning? A sharp wordsmith is a valuable asset to any business.

First of all, what is an adult colouring book? It’s probably not what you think (and I dread the sea of spam comments that this title is going to attract!). Adult colouring books are designed to allow adults to be playful, just like kids. Colouring allows the brain to relax while still being creatively engaged. The key attraction seems to be that the user is not faced with a blank page. Someone provides you with an outline, which means that you don’t have to make that first mark on a glaring white page!

Secret Garden

“Many people fear the idea of filling a blank page, and this comes from the often misheld belief that they aren’t creative. By acting as an entry point into creative activity, adult colouring can help people to tackle this fear. Michael Bierut, my fellow partner at Pentagram, was recently discussing Johanna and her work on his podcast, Observatory, and he said “there is something great about giving people a way in with creativity, even if it has multiple training wheels on it,” and I agree. The great result of adult colouring is not the act itself, it’s the subsequent acts of creativity it inspires. It’s a gateway drug, if you like.”

Quote from an ‘It’s Nice That’ article by Angus Hyland

Starting to blog can feel like staring at a blank white page… it can feel incredibly scary at first. My job is in helping my clients in two ways;

  • To give you the confidence that you are indeed creative and have something valuable to say
  • To help you find your voice and give you the techniques and strategy to help you make it happen.

    Most of my posts are about getting you to think differently about marketing what you do. As Seth Godin recently said, no-one suffers from ‘talking block’. As a business owner, you are the best person to tell your story. Perhaps you need the equivalent of a colouring book outline to get you started?! Give me a call if you’d like to chat about some training.

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    Image credit
    The illustration above is taken from ‘Secret Garden‘ by Johanna Basford.