The power of storytelling in business with Andreea Wade

28 October

I’m back after attending my first Askaton event and I am truly hooked! Imagine a room filled with passionate business owners (or those on the brink of launching) who are interested in sharing ideas and inspiring each other to succeed. One of the taglines of the group is to ‘Ask, Share, Laugh’. I did all three of these things and met a bunch of inspiring ladies to boot! This group could help you too…

askaton dublin adreaa wade science gallery

Andreea Wade is one of the co-founders of Askaton and also owns a marketing company called Brandalism. She gave a talk about Storytelling in business. As you probably know by now, this is something that I’m really passionate about. It’s certainly not about making up stories (which is what most people think clever marketing is about). It’s about getting to the core of what you do and why you love it. Some of us get lost in the doing and making and we forget about what it was that got us started in business.

My mission this year is to connect with all sorts of new people; to seek out adventure without knowing exactly where it will lead. This is what blogging teaches you and what I’m passionate about sharing. You come to realise that sometimes the unexpected encounters are where the best things happen. They can happen online, but really, the magic happens when you get out and meet people face to face.

Andreea talked about the power of “Once upon a time”. She reminded us that, once upon a time we had a passion that led us to set up a business. This is something that we need to capture and never forget. And she reminded us that stories are about things that matter.

Andrea also spoke about how confusion is one of the greatest enemies of any marketer. As business owners, we need to be crystal clear about the message that we put out into the world. If we are not clear ourselves, how can we expect our customers to know how we can help them? The purpose of your blog is to be like a window into your business. It’s your space to chat with and educate your customers; for you to get to know them and for them to get to know you. To share what it is that you love to do and tell others why they should consider spending their money with you.

Ultimately though, people buy from people they like or can relate to. We hear this again and again but do we really understand how it works? In the chaotic, frenzied, online world, we need to find a way to make people pause and feel something. We’ve been telling each other stories for centuries; it’s how we all make sense of the world. This quote from Ira Glass, that Andreea shared, sums up the idea perfectly;

Great stories happen to those who can tell them.

So, are you interested in telling your story or finding new ways to tell people what you do? I’d highly recommend the Askaton group as a way of meeting like-minded business owners. The other thing worth mentioning is that there is a really relaxed vibe to this network. There is no power dressing or stuffy formalities. It’s about people who are into doing stuff as well as talking about it!

I give a number of different blogging courses and workshops to help business owners to learn how to talk confidently and passionately about what they do. My one-to-one classes focus purely on you and my group workshops allow for lots of interaction and cross-pollination of ideas! Would you like to be notified of my up-coming events? if so, just drop me an email or leave me a comment below. And I’m always up for a 3d coffee and chat…

Let me know if you’re a member of any collaborative business group; I’d love to put together a list that we can share.

‘Askaton’ – a talk about business stories at The Science Gallery, Dublin.

16 October

brand story

I’m going to what sounds like a really interesting talk tomorrow, (17th October 2013). ‘Askaton‘ are a Dublin based Meet-Up group. The talk is entitled ‘What’s your story” and it will focus on brand identity concepts and strategy – something they say, is relevant to anyone who runs a business or is considering setting up one.

I’m excited to meet others in the group and hear what Andrea Wade (from  has to say about business storytelling. That’s what Three Thought Bubbles is all about; helping people to share their business personality online. I like their message in this graphic too; Ask, Share and Laugh!


Askaton was set up by Andrea Wade from Brandalism. Here she is to tell you more about her talk.

Hello hello,

Our next event is on the 17th of October, on a Thursday, starting from 5:45pm, in the Science Gallery. As usual, the event will end at 8pm (when O’Neills awaits).

Event Details

Speaker: Andreea Wade of and

I decided – after a long chat with my Twitter followers – to speak at this event. I won’t do it very often.. perhaps once a year, but I promise to make it a good one.

The event on the 17th will be divided into 3 parts:

1. Intros and improv talks. We will select 2 people from the RSVP list and will ask them to give a 5 minute talk on what they are doing. šŸ™‚

2. My talk (Andreea)

The talk is entitled ‘What’s your story” and it will focus on brand identity concepts and strategy – something relevant to anyone who runs a business or is considering setting up one.

3. Google Developer Group Dublin are looking for female speakers for their DevFest, 2-3 Nov 2013. It would be great if we could find a speaker or two from amongst our meetup group and perhaps we could spend a few minutes on looking at approach angles for a possible talk.

4. We can have a closer look at businesses that are in the room and help with improving their own brand story. This, I feel, will help all those present in the room, we can all contribute but we can all also learn.

This is an open invite group and event. So you can sign up over on the Askaton Meet-ups page or read more on their website. I’ll be writing a follow-up post about the event if you can’t make it!