How often should I blog?

20 December

‘How often should I blog?’ is one of the most asked questions by bloggers. Your way may not be my way and your readers will be different to mine. Only you can answer this question.

I try to blog once a week but don’t beat myself up if this doesn’t happen. I am not writing a blog so that I can have 3,000 monthly readers. Having a massive readership is not the purpose of my business blog. To me, that’s all about the ‘Like me‘ Facebook mentality.  What percentage of those 3,000 people do you think are really interested in what you are selling?

I love hearing other people’s perspectives on what works for them. I came across a post on this topic by Grain and Gram recently. Here’s a snippet where they explain how they blog infrequently. (Read the full post). I appreciate their honesty and totally get what they’re saying;

When starting Grain & Gram, we were all well aware how much less frequent our offerings would be in relation to most other online blogs and publications, and we were (and still are) okay with that. We knew this would mean a small collection, but we also knew it would help us to maintain a crafted and quality collection, without filler or fluff.

Filter and fluff sums it up perfectly doesn’t it? I find the best policy is to only write when I have something that I really want to say. If you’re not writing about stuff that excites you, then your readers won’t want to read it either. It makes sense doesn’t it?

Photo credit: John Goodridge

Imagery used in blogs and copyright laws

19 December

Strong imagery is key to a successful blog. Imagery helps you to tell your story as well as holding your reader’s attention. On-line copyright is a huge issue now and rightfully so. Photographers expect to be credited for their art. As a blogger, you need to educate yourself about the legalities of publishing imagery that you do not own.

If you find an image that you would like to use,  you must contact the owner to ask permission to publish it. If they allow you to use the image, ask what sort of accreditation they would like. Often, you’ll come across imagery on-line that don’t have credits, (This often happens on Tumblr sites). It can be so frustrating when this happens…

But today, I discovered a brilliant application which allows you to trace the creator of an image. SRC-IMG interfaces with Google Image Search to show you all instances where a particular image appears on-line. The idea is that hopefully one of the links will contain a credit that you can follow up on.

I did a test with one of my own images which appears on my blog. It was from a post about my trip to Uzbekistan. So in order to do this search, I installed the SRC-IMG by dragging a link to my bookmarks bar.

Blue tiles, Uzbekistan, by Aisling Nelson.

Once I highlighted the image I wanted to search, I simply click the SRC-IMG button and it came up with the results.  I was able to see below that there were four instances which I was responsible for. So, no-one has yet used my image without requesting permission! [You can also use the following link to see who is pinning pictures from your blog or website to Pinterest – (just insert your domain into the URL)]

Not only that, but Google comes up with a set of images that are visually similar. How cool is that? I can see loads of uses for this application already.

Visually similar images

So your key tip here is to keep it visual but only use images with permission. Then find out how the artist would like to be credited. It’s nice to be nice and you’ll avoid a situation where you have to pay a large fine! Scribble down your pet hates on copyright issues below; I’ll be covering this topic again and will gladly include your suggestions.

Three Thought Bubbles…

23 October

Hello World! And hello to you. This is a momentous day for me; I’ve been developing this project for over a year.  I can hardly believe that I’m writing another ‘first post’! It’s time to tell you about ‘Three Thought Bubbles’.

I discovered blogs in 2007. Then in a moment of madness I jumped right in and became a business blogger myself and set up Three Thought Bubbles. I experienced all the fear and thrill of learning a new skill. ‘Exposing myself’ online scared the pants off me, but pretty soon I had to admit that I loved it. This was a place where I could communicate with others and share what I am passionate about. I discovered a friendly and supportive community.

Rangoli Jewellery blog Ireland Rangoli Jewellery blog

Blogging has had a big impact on me and the way that I run my business. But something else unexpected has happened which has grabbed me by the hand! While trawling the internet and connecting with other business owners, I have become so inspired by the skills and stories that we share. I see my workshops as a learning collaboration with like-minded people.

At the moment, I’m hoovering up books that talk about the power of storytelling in business! A lot of us are missing the point completely. It’s time to reach out and tell customers why you do what you do, rather than what.  There is no shortage of qualifications in the world. What sets us apart is the why and who you can help in the process.

I’m here to show you how easy it is to write and maintain your own successful business blog. This blog is an additional resource for business bloggers and anyone thinking of starting a blog.

I’ll be sharing some of the daily treasures I discover online:

  • How to: Tips on how to be a great blogger
  • Inspiration: Ideas to get your creative mind racing
  • Design: Great branding design
  • Stories: Brilliant and engaging business stories
  • Blogger spotlight: Insightful interviews with fellow bloggers

I want Three Thought Bubbles to be about and for the blogging community. Please get in touch to say hello and tell me about what you do. Can you share any tips that have worked for you? What do you think about blogging? I want to hear your thoughts so we can get a conversation going.

Nothing beats face to face connection though, which is why you will learn so much more by attending a workshop. I’ll  be announcing my upcoming course dates soon and would love to meet you. In the meantime, read about who the course is suitable for and what I will be teaching.

Welcome to the Three Thought Bubbles blog!