How to understand your fridge noises

22 July

Today I found out that we’re not the only house that has a speaking fridge. A pic from Lottie Crumbleholme bounced into my Twitter feed today and it made me laugh. I was fed up clicking links like ‘The 5 best ways to optimise Pinterest shares’. This happy infographic made me stop and smile. The fridge manufacturer obviously knows how boring white fridge manuals can be. And they know that we need daily humour in our lives!

My big passion is for helping business owners to be human on the web. Why should chatting online be any different to chatting in person? Why do we get caught up in jargon? I believe that we should forget about our awards and benefits and look at how we can help make our customers lives more healthy/fun/adventurous/secure/delicious/meaningful… {or ‘hissy’?!} What do you think?


Are you tired of ‘Top 5’ format posts? What sort of content appeals to you? Let’s get to know and think like our customers – that way, we can create content for real people. I now give one-to-one training to help businesses understand their customers and what they need help with. Let me know if you’d like some help and support – I promise, we’ll have fun!

Image credit:
This image is from Lottie Crumblehome – She is a Graphic designer / researcher at the Royal College. You’ll find her on Twitter or her website.