Let’s make friends with the idea of business blogging first! Simplifying your decision to blog into 5 simple steps.

5 January

Blogging is great for business but taking the first leap can feel scary – I totally understand that! I train business owners how to confidently tell their story on the web. Today, I’m simplifying your decision to blog into 5 simple steps. Let’s make friends with the idea first and demystify what’s involved!


I know you’re scared! Listen to your fears.

Give them a name. Write them down. (See if you can laugh at them – optional). What other things have you mastered recently that stretched you? Give yourself credit for these things! Now, what is your real fear here?

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Result: Blogging will help you to overcome your fears of ‘putting yourself out there’.

 5 Tips to help you launch your business blog

Who’s telling your business story? It’s time to own your online identity!

Is the outside-in view of your business the same as the inside out? Can you improve how your brand is experienced on the web? Google your business name and see what results come up. Now it’s time for you to create the content that you want people to discover about you.

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Result: You get to influence your ‘up to date’ online reputation.

5 tips to help you launch your business blog.

“I’m going to do this” – commit to writing a business blog!

Well done – what’s next? Observe what you like and dislike on the web. What brands do you feel a connection with? What makes you click away? Start collecting these examples to inspire you. Pick a name for your blog. Get advice on choosing a blogging platform such as Blogger or WordPress. Decide whether you will host your blog yourself. Keep asking for help!

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Result: You value your own opinions, beliefs and skills and are confident to share them.

5 tips to help you launch your business blog.

Create a plan – Who are you writing this blog for and what do they need help with?

A blog is like a living business plan – it literally highlights what you do best. But first you have to spend time coming up with a flexible plan and strategy. This guide will make it easy to create content that your customers want to read.

Result: Your blogging plan makes your blog effective but it also makes it easier and more fun for you to write! Tomas

5 tips to help you launch your business blog

Treat yourself – place value on learning this new skill.

As a blogger, you will need patience as well as a willingness to learn from your mistakes. That sentence is worth re-reading!

There is so much help and support out there. Treat yourself to books, take on and offline training courses, get to know other bloggers. The brilliant thing about blogging is that you can learn at your pace and in bite-sized modules.

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Result: You are upskilling and adding value to your skill-set.

I train business owners how to write an authentic blog. I believe that we all need to become more human on the web. And we need to own our online brand – that means hosting our content rather than relying on platforms like Facebook and Twitter that might disappear tomorrow!

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    I can help you do this – I give workshops and one to one training on how to write a business blog. I will be your supportive coach and accountability buddy.

    I understand that you may need some reassurance before making your decision – now is a great time to start that conversation with me. Let’s chat about the best training style for you. Read about Three Thought Bubbles training options on the blog – all one to one sessions are customised to suit your needs.