What’s keeping you from sharing your work?

28 January

As a designer, I’m really curious and interested in what inspires other people to create what they do. But I’ve noticed that there seems to be a huge reluctance to share this type of information publicly. Why are we so scared of revealing our creative thought processes? My biggest aim with my blogging workshops is to get people talking about the how and why of what they do!

Two things happen when we do this;

We open ourselves up to feedback (positive and negative) and we create possibilities to collaborate with other people. Most people can’t seem to get past the fear of negative feedback – what if they criticise me? what if my competitors copy what I do? The inner voice goes on and on. Try turning it off and see what happens!

Here’s what I believe –

Constructive criticism can help you improve your idea and positive feedback will encourage you to keep going! I have worked by myself for 15 years and loved it. Recently though, I’m actively seeking to collaborate with other people. Blogging does that for you. On-line connections lead to three dimensional coffee dates. Conversations can start adventures.

This is a book that I recently read. It’s full of really simple but totally mind-shifting ideas. I totally recommend it. I also follow Austin on Twitter (@austinkleon) Today, he posted a link to a discussion on his Tumblr site –

What’s keeping you from sharing your work?
What are your greatest fears when it comes to sharing your ideas, your process, and the stuff you make with others? If you do share your work, whether it be reading a story in a writing workshop, showing a painting in a gallery, pitching an idea to a team at the office, or posting on your blog, what problems have you run into? What would help you solve them? Open question because I’m curious.

Go and check out all the readers replies. Maybe it’ll make you realise that we all feel vulnerable about sharing ideas. I’m making a concerted effort to lose the fear and put myself out there more. How about you? Leave me your thoughts and niggling fears below! Let’s blast them away.

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