Three Thought Bubbles hits the stop button

23 December

I’m hitting the stop button on Three Thought Bubbles. It’s time for me to stretch upwards. I’ve committed to learning new skills. One of the triggers for this move is a business trend that worries me today; we want to distill everything down to a 5 step process. Social media obliges and rehashes the formulas daily. I want to do some deep learning which involves messy exploration with no set objectives. I want to learn through doing the work myself.

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I’m taking six months out to do some deep learning in a distraction free zone!

I continue to be open to collaborations and side projects. One of these is ARTzheimer’s – a social enterprise that uses art to provoke bold and honest conversations about Alzheimer’s. My work here is as a written and visual brand storyteller.

I stand by the two reasons I set up Three Thought Bubbles; to help businesses to be more human on the web and to help them to communicate with meaning and clarity. I still believe that human and marketing are two words that can co-exist – if we choose to communicate with intention.

This creative learning break was greatly inspired by Stefan Sagmeister. One day he questioned how we spend our lives learning, working and dreaming about retirement –

Right now we spend about the first 25 years of our lives learning, then there is another 40 years that’s really reserved for working. And then tacked on at the end of it are about 15 years for retirement. And I thought it might be helpful to basically cut off five of those retirement years and intersperse them in between those working years. That’s clearly enjoyable for myself. But probably even more important is that the work that comes out of these years flows back into the company and into society at large, rather than just benefiting a grandchild or two.

Here are some of my articles about key ideas I learned as a mentor and trainer over the last three years:

  • The concept and results of doing micro work are powerful.
  • Best Practice’ is a jargon phrase used by lazy people who want to follow formulas and not exercise their brains.
  • “We’re on social media.” Really? What is your intention?
  • Learn to chop your words – the power of editing.
  • Ultimately, what do you want to be known for?
  • Why blogging is not about finding your voice.
  • I encourage you to be part of an encouragement network.Develop your brand voice

    That’s it for now – no trumpet fanfares or lengthy speeches. I have thoroughly enjoyed working in this field. I trained a diverse group of clients and got to collaborate with inspiring colleagues. Two colleagues I’d like to mention in particular are Siodhna McGowan from Inspired Thinking and Gillian Horan from The Pudding Brand. Like myself, they strive to make marketing human and meaningful.

    Who knows what the next chapter will hold! I’d love to stay in touch with you – Twitter is my platform of choice.


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The dot conference 2013

25 June

This Friday I’m going to my first dotconf.

It’s an event that’s described as a conference for anyone who works, rests or plays with the internet. That’s me, that’s me! I can’t wait to spend an entire day hoovering up inspiration, while tweeting away from my seat.

To get us even more excited, there is a competition to win a year’s supply of Ben & Jerry’s icecream. We have James Whelton to thank for this – James is the keynote speaker on Friday and is the founder of Coder Dojo.

(I thought I was pretty au fait with B&J’s flavours until I discovered a Baked Alaska variety). But getting back to the competition, the dotconf people want to know what we’re looking forward to most on Friday.

For me, the concept of the Deep Dives is intriguing. Participants can choose from one of several detailed half hour talks. There was a sense of urgency to book your favourite one as spaces are limited! It was a hard call but Rowan Manahan’s talk sounds great; On your feet – selling your great idea.

So here is an Instagram video I put together to celebrate the adventure and glamour of the underwater world! #goingdotty

You’ll catch me tweeting @3thoughtbbls – I can’t wait to turn some of those avatars into 3d faces!

For more info;
thedotconf website
The National College of Ireland

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