The dot conference 2013

25 June

This Friday I’m going to my first dotconf.

It’s an event that’s described as a conference for anyone who works, rests or plays with the internet. That’s me, that’s me! I can’t wait to spend an entire day hoovering up inspiration, while tweeting away from my seat.

To get us even more excited, there is a competition to win a year’s supply of Ben & Jerry’s icecream. We have James Whelton to thank for this – James is the keynote speaker on Friday and is the founder of Coder Dojo.

(I thought I was pretty au fait with B&J’s flavours until I discovered a Baked Alaska variety). But getting back to the competition, the dotconf people want to know what we’re looking forward to most on Friday.

For me, the concept of the Deep Dives is intriguing. Participants can choose from one of several detailed half hour talks. There was a sense of urgency to book your favourite one as spaces are limited! It was a hard call but Rowan Manahan’s talk sounds great; On your feet – selling your great idea.

So here is an Instagram video I put together to celebrate the adventure and glamour of the underwater world! #goingdotty

You’ll catch me tweeting @3thoughtbbls – I can’t wait to turn some of those avatars into 3d faces!

For more info;
thedotconf website
The National College of Ireland

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