Using audio to tell your business story

23 September

Your blog should educate your readers. But have you thought about how you’re going to excite and entertain them? Today, I want to get you thinking about using audio to tell your business story. In a sometimes overwhelming world of text, listening to someone telling a story can be riveting. Like video, it connects you with the subject in a much more powerful way than reading.

This is a teaser for a longer post I’m researching about using audio for blogs. I’m on holidays at the moment but I wanted to plant a seed while I’m away! The audio snippet is of Richard, an Indian cook (and an ‘Amazing‘) talking about how he loves to cook meals for his family.

What sort of impact does this 1 minute audio clip have on you? I imagine myself sitting in the kitchen beside Richard. I can see the spice mixes and copper pots and I’ve even created a picture of what Richard looks like. Definitely a moustache!

I’d love to hear your thoughts on audio and whether you enjoy listening to podcasts. Drop me an email or leave me a comment below.