5 reasons why a business blog is better than a Facebook page

13 January

My clients frequently ask me; “What’s the difference between a blog and a facebook page for business?”. Once you hear the answer, it makes complete sense. If you write content for facebook, you do not own that content. If Facebook closes tomorrow, all of your content will be lost! However, if you host your own blog, your content is owned by you and will remain archived and searchable, indefinitely.

We are constantly giving out about Facebook; “Why does no-one see my updates any more?” or “Why are Facebook trying to promote products and services to me?” Why? Because, Facebook are running a business and they want to make money!

Blogging versus facebook

Here are some reasons I recommend you choose to write a blog, in addition to your Facebook page. I’m not suggesting that you exclude Facebook for business – rather, be clear about what each platform offers your business and your customers.

1: Control

With Facebook, you’re relying on a third party to market your business. They constantly change their rules of business and you have no control over this. A self-hosted blog is a stable platform which you manage in a way that suits you.

2: SEO

Blogging can improve your search ranking
if done well. Facebook doesn’t contribute to Google rankings.

3: Shelf-life

Facebook updates have a life of a few days and are not searchable. Blog posts are indexed and searchable for years to come.

4: Audience

Facebook decides who sees your updates. Recent Facebook changes have resulted in fewer followers getting to see these updates in their time-line. A blog allows all readers or followers to view your latest content.

5: Sharing

Although you can share Facebook updates on other people’s ‘walls’, blogs allow people to easily share content across a wide number of social platforms, including Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+.

Before you jump into using all of the social platforms, find out which ones are best suited to your business. Trial and error is the only way you’ll find out what works for you! I read a great post called “Digital Sharecropping: The Most Dangerous Threat to Your Online Marketing.” It’s well worth a read if you want to explore the topic in more detail.

I teach one-to-one classes as well as small workshops on how to write a business blog with heart. Really what I teach is how to be more human online! Give me a call or leave me a comment if you’d like to hear more.