Head Space #2 – how to set ‘sane, humane and reasonable goals’!

9 July

Headspace is a new series on the blog. I’m going to share thought-triggering ideas with you. Do with them what you will! Comment, share or start a new movement. People tell me that I’m a great curator of content but that’s a (fabulous but) fancy word for being curious! I like to bounce ideas around and start interesting conversations. I’m inviting you to pause and hold a single idea in your head for a while… and share what comes up.

Alexandra Franzen planted a wonderful suggestion in my head. It rolls to the surface whenever I need to be kinder to myself.

Head Space - ideas to challenge the way you look at the world!

So why is this idea so powerful? As business owners (and regular humans), we often set ourselves ridiculous targets. We scribble lengthy ‘to do’ lists, knowing that we won’t have the time to accomplish them. Alex wants to help us break this loop – She suggests that we can be kinder to ourselves, by setting manageable goals.

Let’s look at the example of writing a business blog. When I train owners how to write a blog, there is usually some concern around how much time it will take. It’s a totally valid question. Here’s how I tackle this issue with my clients:

I ask; What is a sane, humane and reasonable goal for you? Could you commit to writing one or two posts a month? What might that involve? Maybe your goal is to practice writing for 15 minutes every day or for an hour on Sundays. Whatever you choose, start with small realistic goals. Being kind to yourself always pays off! You’ll be more productive and much calmer”.

As a trainer, I start by getting you excited about sharing your ideas on the web. Then I help you to to create systems and strategies that work for you. It’s amazing what you can achieve if you set yourself sane, humane, reasonable goals!

If you’re thinking about writing a blog or would like some help simplifying what you do – give me a call on 087 635 5655. I’d love to hear from you!

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