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8 September

The Do Lectures offers encouragement to entrepreneurs

A business tagline yelled at me in a friendly way today. It got me thinking about the successful business owners I train. But if we forget the job titles and business structures – what do humans need most of all? From my experience, entrepreneurs need encouragement.

This is a short post to plant an idea in your head. Who regularly encourages you to push and succeed? Have you an accountability coach or a mentor you respect? And how often do you encourage others? We never know how our words can impact other people.

The Do Lectures is a Welsh company that runs an unconference The aim – to invite exciting Doers to share their stories and inspire others.

We do it for the look on someone’s face when a speaker’s words hit them. Right between the eyes. And their focus alters, just enough to show them the path they’re supposed to follow from that point on.

There’s another benefit to encouragement. We get an outside-in view of where we are right now. Someone offer insights we would never see ourselves. It’s a form of collaboration that we can offer and receive! It’s a life skill worth practicing.

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And watch some of their great talks

Let me know if you need some help communicating your ideas publicly or getting clear before you start. I am a very encouraging trainer!