Irish butchers are blogging brilliantly!

25 January


Alex Franzen dropped that perfect idea into a blog post about how to get noticed in the noisy, super-saturated world that we live in.

I never imagined I would be featuring butchers’ blogs on my site! And yet, I discovered two Irish butchers who have have found a way to chat and help their customers online. My message in this post is simple; you can write a blog about any business once you learn how to excite your audience.

It all goes back to what Alex says in her post

If everyone else is emailing … don’t email.
If everyone else is cold-calling … don’t call.
If everyone else is doing purple this season … bring back neon green.

Be strategically contrarian.

To this I could add, if most butchers only exist in the 3D world, you have an eager online audience all to yourself!

First up are McLoughlin butchers, based in Dublin.

mcloughlins craft butchers2 1
McLoughlins butchers

McLoughlin Butchers have been trading since 1965.  Their website proudly describes how their high standards and the traditional butchering methods are still in use today. They talk about the strong links between themselves, the farmers and their customers.

To encourage interaction, they even have this great resource to allow customers to “Ask your butcher a question”. Anything you ever wanted to know about meat…

The rest of the site is set up to answer questions their customers might have; “Get the best cuts” and “Tasty recipes” as well as information on all of their meats.

mcloughlins craft butchers

Next I discovered James Whelan butchers, with shops in Dublin and Tipperary.

James Whelan butchers are based in Tipperary and also promote high standards and traditional techniques. They are passionate about sourcing quality meats in Tipperary and offer a home delivery service. Pat Whelan tells us how each product is “hand selected, tasted and tested by me”.

Customer service is also key to this business. How about this for a promise of quality;  If you are not completely happy with your order, simply contact us and we will go to extraordinary measures to make things right…

The site and blog are packed with an encyclopedia of helpful content and resources. Dip into recipes, video guides or a day in the life of a butcher.

Something that caught my attention was a butchery demonstration – This is a live event where master butchers talk you through some knife skills and meat butchery. The line-up includes ‘Knife play‘,  ‘A celebration of pork‘, ‘The sweet secrets of beef‘, followed by ‘Nibbles and natter‘. Sounds fascinating, even if I’m not a huge carnivore! These evening classes take place in Avoca Food Hall, Monkstown as well as the Avoca food market in Rathcoole.

pat whelan butchers collage
James Whelan butchers

These two butchers understand that their customers don’t just want to buy meat from them. They are looking for information and inspiration. The aim of both sites is to develop a strong ongoing relationship with their customer.

So what can the blogging butchers teach any business that is considering writing a blog?

  • Focus less on your products or services and zone in on what your customers need help with. For example; show a busy parent how to create quick, mid-week meals. Or educate them about the different cuts of meat, so they can experiment more when cooking.
  • Replace the concept of a ‘blog’ with an ‘interactive website’. Give meaningful words to blog-style sections that will appeal to your audience. Be playful with your words.
  • Use language that talks directly to your audience. Show that you understand their needs.

Are you thinking about writing a blog but are unsure about what to write about? I can help you do that! I give small workshops and one-to-one introduction to blogging classes. Read my post on the 5 common fears about business blogging and how to tackle them. I’ll give you the confidence you need to launch.

What do you think of these charming and helpful butchers? Can you see how friendly and interactive an online site can be? I’d love to hear your thoughts below!

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