Achieve business clarity today with ‘Subtract’.

19 February

Imagine if your business could be simpler – ‘Subtract’ training helps ‘sometimes overwhelmed’ business owners to get clear on the issues affecting their business right now. What is working, what needs to be changed? What can you subtract?

I will train you how to focus on doing less, but doing it better.

get business clarity bytaking a 'Subtract' workshop with Three Thought Bubbles

As time-poor business owners, it’s easy to get buried in the day-to-day running of your business. You struggle to find time to ask really important questions of yourself. Subtract training gives you the space and support to review your business today.

Let’s re-connect with what you love to do
‘Subtract’ is about getting an ‘outside-in’ view and reconnecting with the ‘why’ of what you do. It’s about getting clear on who you want to do business with and what you are offering them. And it’s about simplifying how you do business.

Subtract training will help you in two ways –
1. It will give you a map of where you are now and where you want to go next. What needs to change?
2. It will help you create a meaningful business story that customers can easily understand and relate to.

Together, we will create a new strategy and a meaningful business story that your customers can easily understand. You have all the answers – you just need to ask yourself new questions! I can help you with that. I train business owners how to talk confidently and clearly about what they do. I believe that this is one of the most powerful business skills you can develop.

Subtract - get business strategy amd clarity

Subtract is about creating simplicity in your business. After your training you will –

  • Be clear on the key messages you should be using when trying to engage new customers.
  • Have a mental note of the rubble, distractions and interruptions you need to minimise in your business life.
  • Understand how to create concise, persuasive and relevant communication that your human customers will enjoy reading 

    As a business owner for 17 years, I share some of the same struggles as you! But I have discovered how a minimalist approach to business planning makes me happier and my business more successful. I now see clutter as anything that doesn’t serve me well. I believe that this training will give you and your customers greater clarity on what you do.

    Give me a call on 087 635 5655 to book your class or discuss more details. This class will be tailored to suit you. The course includes a practical workbook and follow up review.

    Class details:
    This is a one to one class and lasts for one and a half hours.
    Venue: a central Dublin location*
    Investment: €250
    *This training can take place in your business premises by arrangement.

What is your purpose?

26 May

Today I want to talk about the big word PURPOSE! In particular, where personal and business purpose overlap. Last week I went to a talk by Aaron Hurst on his new book ‘The Purpose Economy‘. He described how we are moving away from the information economy and into the purpose economy. So what does that mean? Aaron says that we’re all seeking more meaning in our work. “A record number of millennials are trading in conventional career paths to launch tech start-ups, start small businesses that are rooted in local communities, or freelance their expertise. We are sharing everything from bikes and cars to extra rooms in our homes.” Purpose and passion drives successful businesses, so my question for you is; what is your purpose?


What inspires you to do what you do? Why is it so important to know your purpose in business? It might sound obvious, but if we’re not clear on why we’re doing what we’re doing, how can we expect clients to firstly believe in us and then pay us for our products or services?

There are many people starting exciting conversations like this and I’m all up for it. Simon Sinuk’s Ted talk on the ‘Why’ of what we do, is a theory that I share with all of my students. He says that when you meet someone new, they may tell you what they do, they’ll occasionally tell you how they do it but they rarely start with why they do what they do. It’s so true, and yet this story is what we relate to most as humans. We want to understand each other and see what we have in common.

Aaron Hurst tells us that there are three things that generate meaning for us at work;

  • Doing something that’s greater than yourself
  • Working or collaborating with others
  • Growing personally by continuing to challenge ourselves

I want you to think about this today – how do you define and share your business purpose? This brand message needs to be as recognisable as your logo or colours. Once you are clear on this message, you can choose the best social platforms to share your message. I can help you with that too!

Here’s something that I have discovered from being a business owner since 1998. Telling the story of what you do on the web helps you to be really clear about what you do and who you help. While blogging for my previous business, Rangoli, I found that my blog became a living business plan. I shared designs, I asked for feedback and I deliberately attracted more of the type of work that I loved to do.

At Three Thought Bubbles, I have found that my purpose centres around inspiring people to achieve great things! In recession mindset, it’s easy to lose sight of your business goals and passion. While training other people, I’ve discovered how beneficial is is to give and receive outside feedback on our businesses. Often that viewpoint can push us in a new direction or give us the confidence to keep going. I offer a range of classes from small workshops to one-to-one sessions. I’d love to hear from you – let’s start a conversation!

Here’s a PS to this post. Aaron mentioned during his talk that once you discover what your purpose is, you should hang out with/work with/collaborate with people who share the same purpose as you. I heard about this talk because I follow The Centre for Creative Practices on Twitter.  When I followed Aaron on Twitter, I saw that 6 of my favourite tweeps were also fans. I in turn connect with each of these businesses because they’re into human connection and authenticity and generally helping people out. Sometimes (a lot of the time!) the web blows me away!

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