Smartphone Storytelling Workshops

1 August

This morning I heard about three different Smartphone Storytelling Workshops happening in Dublin and Cork. Video is becoming huge for business. Why does this excite me so much? Well…

One, I’m in the middle of editing my first business video which I made using my Samsung Galaxy S111 (it’s completely nervewrecking but I’m doing it!)

Two, I’m super excited about the possibilities of video for business

And three, I’d love to learn more about this new skill and get more confident about talking to an inanimate box!

How about you – have you ever thought about making a short video for your website? Imagine if your customers could get a sense for what you are like before they get to meet you in person?

I can’t begin to describe the mixture of terror and exhilaration that I’m feeling at the moment. I took up blogging in 2008 to avoid having to attend networking events or talk publicly about what I did. But blogging changes you in weird and wonderful ways! I would never have guessed that it would lead to public speaking or making a video; two new achievements that I’m proud of!

By publicly telling you about this video, I’m committing to sharing it! I’ve come up with a new in-house training offer and a video seemed like the perfect way to tell you about it. I’ll be sharing the video as soon as it’s edited!

In the meantime, I want to tell you about some people who can train you to make your own videos (or make them for you). I believe that this is a skill worth learning and an investment in your business.

Aileen O Meara Video

Aileen is a former RTE producer and correspondent. She is running a workshop on how to make short videos on your smartphone, how to trim them on the phone’s video app, and how to publish on YouTube or social media. The next workshop is on August 8th in the Harbour View Business Centre, Dun Laoighaire. Book online.

“I’ve been running Smartphone Storytelling workshops for over a year now, and I find that the obstacle most people have is their own attitude. Like learning to drive a car, people don’t think they can do it until they actually get behind the wheel and with a bit of help realize that yeah, it’s not that difficult. And the new Apps make it even easier than ever.

What makes it easier is the gadgets we show you – a tripod that clips to your phone so your shots are steady, some microphones you can add to get best sound, and how to frame your shots so you’re not in the dark. We include lessons in that wonderful and well kept secret: YouTube Editor as well.”

Angela Mezzetti – Ocarina Productions

Angela is an experienced producer and journalist and former Newscaster on RTE Television and Radio. She produces television and corporate DVD’s and videos. She is giving a workshop on how to create smartphone videos on 11th September in IMI Sandyford. For more details, call Angela on 01-2895264 or contact by email

“The addition of a video hugely increases your search engine optimization. Watching a video makes consumers more confident in doing business with you and drives engagement with your website especially from mobiles and tablets.

Your web-ready video will be beautifully lit, with excellent picture and sound quality. We specialize in making people at ease in front of camera and will help you craft and deliver your pitch in a relaxed comfortable way”

Christian Payne – from Documentally

Roger Overall, (himself a documentary photographer and business storyteller) has invited Christian Payne to Ireland to deliver a workshop on smartphone videography. The workshop takes place in the Tyndall Institute, Cork, Ireland on Monday 22nd September, 2014. Details about booking can be found on Roger’s website.

“Your smartphone is a media production and broadcasting powerhouse. Renowned mobile storyteller Christian Payne (from Documentally) will show you how to use video to create and publish effective stories – for yourself, for your business, for your cause, for your organisation, for anything…

If you want to learn how to use your smartphone to reach your audience efficiently, this is the workshop for you.

If you’re a business owner, marketer, PR executive, content marketing agency — you’ll pick up valuable insight and practical tips about telling your story (and that of your clients) from your smartphone.”

Trembling business owners take note; Lottie Hearn from Press Play Presentations will soon be releasing her book ‘Confidence on Camera – how to present with impact on camera for online video, webinar, video-conference and TV!‘. Lottie is The Video Coach who trains you how to overcome your on-camera fears and discover what’s holding back your video presenting success. Her book will be published later this year and I can’t wait to read it. Speaking from my own experience, confidence is one of the key skills required for video presenting!

It might be the long weekend but I’m going to be editing my video – Hope you all have a great weekend. I’ll be back with my video debut soon!

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