Achieve business clarity today with ‘Subtract’.

19 February

Imagine if your business could be simpler – ‘Subtract’ training helps ‘sometimes overwhelmed’ business owners to get clear on the issues affecting their business right now. What is working, what needs to be changed? What can you subtract?

I will train you how to focus on doing less, but doing it better.

get business clarity bytaking a 'Subtract' workshop with Three Thought Bubbles

As time-poor business owners, it’s easy to get buried in the day-to-day running of your business. You struggle to find time to ask really important questions of yourself. Subtract training gives you the space and support to review your business today.

Let’s re-connect with what you love to do
‘Subtract’ is about getting an ‘outside-in’ view and reconnecting with the ‘why’ of what you do. It’s about getting clear on who you want to do business with and what you are offering them. And it’s about simplifying how you do business.

Subtract training will help you in two ways –
1. It will give you a map of where you are now and where you want to go next. What needs to change?
2. It will help you create a meaningful business story that customers can easily understand and relate to.

Together, we will create a new strategy and a meaningful business story that your customers can easily understand. You have all the answers – you just need to ask yourself new questions! I can help you with that. I train business owners how to talk confidently and clearly about what they do. I believe that this is one of the most powerful business skills you can develop.

Subtract - get business strategy amd clarity

Subtract is about creating simplicity in your business. After your training you will –

  • Be clear on the key messages you should be using when trying to engage new customers.
  • Have a mental note of the rubble, distractions and interruptions you need to minimise in your business life.
  • Understand how to create concise, persuasive and relevant communication that your human customers will enjoy reading 

    As a business owner for 17 years, I share some of the same struggles as you! But I have discovered how a minimalist approach to business planning makes me happier and my business more successful. I now see clutter as anything that doesn’t serve me well. I believe that this training will give you and your customers greater clarity on what you do.

    Give me a call on 087 635 5655 to book your class or discuss more details. This class will be tailored to suit you. The course includes a practical workbook and follow up review.

    Class details:
    This is a one to one class and lasts for one and a half hours.
    Venue: a central Dublin location*
    Investment: €250
    *This training can take place in your business premises by arrangement.