We all have a magic skill

31 October

Job titles bore and frighten me! And yet, we must clearly describe what our skills are. I train businesses to be more human on the web (through blogging, strong branding and super user experience).

...But my key skill is as a conversation starter.

If we work together, I’ll ask you different questions than you normally ask yourself. New stories will unfold. I get people re-excited about what they love to do. Why is that so important?

At times, I need the help that I offer other people. But I’m not always the right person to ask! As business owners, we need constructive, outside support. We get stuck in our own way of thinking. And ‘stuck’ is not a good feeling! Today I’m offering to give you one to one training on any or all of the skills below. You choose.

What does your business need help with?

Overview of your brand story and message

My blogging training always starts by diving into who you are and why you are doing what you’re doing! Many people feel that they are clear on this but it’s amazing what insights come from some focussed brainstorming. I call this ‘Word Play’. I guarantee this will be a fun exercise!

Your About page

Your about page is one of the most important elements on your website. It’s also one of the most difficult pieces to write! Your customers want to make an emotional connection with you and this is the perfect place to tell your story. I can help you take full advantage of this space. Remember (like your website and blog) this is a living document that needs to be regularly edited and updated. It gets easier with practice!

Content planning and archiving

As a blogger myself, I realise that one of the hardest parts can be choosing subjects to write about. Or maybe you have so many ideas that you need help organising them and giving them structure? I can help you create a system so that you can focus on your writing.

Entertaining your readers
– I’ll also show you how to include a variety of different media into your posts; from audio to video.

User experience

We all need an ‘outside in’ view of our business. I always recommend asking customers or people you don’t know to interact with your site. We need to hold our customers by the hand and make it easy for them to find what they want. We also need to guide them by making it clear what actions we’d like them to take. I can help you make your website an even more useful and pleasant place to visit!

“Your business is about you but only in the context of how you can help your customer”


What is your blogging strategy? Have you set specific goals? I can help ensure that the messages you create on all of your social platforms are working effectively for you.

Writing for the web

I have studied how we read content online and how we should write for an online audience. I canI train businesses to be more human on the web (through blogging, strong branding and super user experience). offer advice on both visual and written elements.

Creating memorable graphics for your blog

I recommend a free and simple to use online image editor to create striking visuals. I can show you how to create collages with memorable text captions. These can then be re-purposed for your Twitter, Facebook or Google+ feeds.

Let’s chat about what you need help with – my classes are customised to suit you and your business. Leave me a comment below or you’ll find my contact details on the site.