What does it take to get to the top? Online video for business

7th February

Online video for business is where it’s at. Words have a powerful effect on how we think. Combine those words with pictures and you strengthen your message. But watching moving images with words invites us into a whole different world. We get to think and feel like the people in the film. Businesses are coming up with really clever ways to move us. Here are two of my current favourites. Both are on the theme of cycling; the first one will get your heartbeat rocketing and the second will wind you down!

I absolutely love this motivational cycling video because it screams about the skill and endurance that are required to succeed in the world of competitive cycling. The jerky jump-cuts and stop-motion photography bring the pain alive. The audio chops up exaggerated breathing sounds with army major roars. We feel the pain and we can imagine the rewards! It’s impossible to watch this film and not feel a strong connection with the subjects. The motivation coach is right when he says that getting to the top doesn’t happen overnight.

Mountivation Cycling Development Academy – Boot Camp. from Henry Iddon on Vimeo.

Is your adrenalin still pumping? Let’s slow the pace down a bit with this gem of a business story. The Inverted Bike Shop is the story of a bike enthusiast, who loved bikes so much he made his own and then wanted to share them with others. 718 Cyclery in Brooklyn was born. He understands his customers inside out and he offers an intuitive service based on what his customers really need. It’s told in simple language by people who love what they do. It’s not a fast paced like the one above; the power lies in how the story is slowly revealed.

This whole business is built around bikes and people. When someone comes in the door, we sit down with them and ask them, ‘What do you see yourself doing with this bike?’ We’re almost like a therapist in a lot of ways; we get to the heart of what they’re really looking for in a bike.

The Inverted Bike Shop from Show Love on Vimeo.

What do you feel when you watch these two films? They both trigger different emotions don’t they? I’ll admit that the first one makes me want to sit in a cosy cafe with a large coffee and cake. But maybe that’s ok; I’m not their target audience and being a competitive cyclist is not high on my list. But I could imagine having that coffee while chatting about my dream bike in Brooklyn!

I’ve gathered some more great business stories for you to read too. If you need help getting clear on your business story, I’d love to help you. I’m always up for a coffee and my classes are ongoing.

For more info on the businesses above:
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