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18th March

Here’s an idea to get your brain whirring. And it’s a really simple and effective one. If you write a blog or enjoy reading blogs, you’ll soon realise that words have the ability to grab your attention or bore you into clicking away.

The graphic below was found over on the Braid Creative blog – a duo who help creative business owners tell their story. They are ladies after my own heart! They recently wrote a post about Creative content quick fixes. Here’s a snippet from the post which sums up what I believe good business blogging should be all about – being yourself.

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You basically take all the generic words (or words that don’t really fit your true personality but you use anyway because you think they sound “professional”), and replace them with words that actually sound like you, are more specific to what you really do – and have more authentic personality.

I struggle with this too! Sometimes it’s hard to come up with another way to say ‘I was so thrilled when’ or ‘I really love this that and the other’! So here’s a great tip I picked up recently;

Try reading your posts aloud and see if they bore you. Does that sound cruel? Believe me, it works! If it has a blah, blah, blah, sound when you speak it, it’s probably going to bore your reader. Reading aloud also gets you think about speaking conversationally and ‘to’ someone in particular.

If you don’t yet believe in word magic – go have a listen to Alexandra Franzen. She is a word chef who layers the most unlikely phrases together to make mouth-watering word pies!

For more information on Braid Creative, check out their website.

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  1. Ann Marie says:

    Really helpful post for me. I am stuggling with writing my first blog article. I didn’t realise it but I had been repeating the same words.Not sure that I have found “amazing” substitutes but I am definately throwing some of them out. Thankyou

  2. admin says:

    Thanks Ann-Marie – I’m glad this post helped you. I think that most of have never learned to write in a conversational way. We’re taught how to write a CV or a thesis which is really formal. Thankfully with blogging, you can be much more relaxed! Good luck with your first post. I promise it will get easier.

  3. YES! I try and do this all the time. I proof read every blog post about 19 times before I post it. I try my best to sound like a human compared to something the internet coughed up.

    I also find it so much easier to relate to people or get ‘into’ a blog if people write honestly and how I imagine they would talk.

    xx A

  4. admin says:

    Alex – it’s a relief to hear that I’m not the only person who proof reads their post so many times! I make so many mini-tweeks and sometimes can only see what needs to be improved or changed when the post goes live.

    And the talking naturally is something I have to work at all the time. Some posts just seem to flow from the tongue and others feel a bit more static. I think you need to walk away from the computer sometimes when that happens and come back to it fresh. (Another blogger suggested listening to some really loud music to get your energy levels up to speed!)

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