Blogging tip #1 Blasting writer’s block

31st January

Writer’s block is real and yesterday it enveloped me in a fog. Time ticked by. I brewed a giant mug of tea and mentally sifted through a stream of ideas. Nothing happened; I wasn’t inspired. Have you ever had one of these days when writing becomes a chore? Yesterday I tried something different which really worked; I went somewhere new to write.

I left my laptop at home and headed to the Phoenix Park. Instead of walking (which probably would have helped too), I headed to the cafe ‘Among the trees‘. Up on the second floor, I sat by the giant window. On the table, I lay my large coffee and notebook. After a couple of gulps and a gaze at the trees, words tumbled out of my head in a steady stream! It’s also worth noting that the lack of WiFi here was a bonus; it kept me focussed on writing and gathering ideas.

This is a habit that I am going to experiment with regularly! In order to be inspired to write creatively, we should stimulate all of our senses. Think along the lines of a pop-up office; one with very low rent too.

creative writing tip escape your usual workspace
‘Among the trees’ cafe, Phoenix Park, Dublin.

Three Thought Bubbles Tip #1 – Blasting writer’s block

Escape your usual work space and look at a different view… even for an hour or two.

Cost: €2 to €3 for a cuppa

Result: a fired up imagination

Do you get bored with your ‘office’ or work desk at home? Here’s a great article I found with Ten great places to have tea in Dublin. Thankfully the internet is  much bigger than Dublin though -  I’d love to hear about your favourite hangout!

You’ll find more simple and effective tips in my blog archives. I really welcome suggestions for topics to write about – do get in touch and say hello.

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