Twist it

6th February

The best blogging advice I ever got was to look outside of my own industry. See what other people are doing or talking about. Twist that idea and make it your own!

Twist it is a new series all about innovative blogging ideas from different industries. People who are doing something different.

Architect Jody Brown has a Tumblr blog called Sketch Every Day. It’s a place for him to share his amazing architectural sketches. From these, he made a film called “1 year of the sketches in 1 minute“. Here’s what I love about it;

  • an architect, who can draw beautifully

  • shares his creative process

  • and then turns it into an entertaining short film

This film has totally inspired me because it’s so beautifully simple. Customers are buying much more from us than a product or service. They are interested in the process and what inspires us to do what we do.

So here’s my advice; think about different ways to tell your story. Words are great but there are so many different tools out there from audioboo to vine to smart phone videos. Vimeo and YouTube provide endless content. You don’t need to be the artist or film  maker. You can share examples of work that you love or ideas that you want to spread.

The Twist it series is a resource of inspiring content ideas – please share your own finds in the comments below or get in touch to say hello! I’d love to hear from you.


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