Why unsubscribe is my favourite new word

9th September

Yesterday my email inbox almost pushed me over the edge. Do you ever get that feeling? All the urgent messages had been dealt with, but there was still a huge group of emails that I needed to take action on. I’m reading lots about minimalism lately and it appeals to me on so many levels. The internet is a fantastic resource but it can also make us feel overwhelmed. Well, it’s been having that effect on me lately! I want to tell you why ‘unsubscribe’ is my new favourite word.

As I sifted through those 400+ emails, I noticed that many were newsletters that I had subscribed to. Obviously, they all interested me at the time I signed up. But when do we get the time to read all of them? I made a brave decision…


I ruthlessly culled my list! I found that each time I hit the ‘unsubscribe’ button that I felt happier. It was like doing a spring-clean on a room in my house. Having fewer things to think about makes us feel calmer. And if you’re running a business, that’s really important.

I’m not saying that newsletters are not valuable – I still subscribe to the ones that entertain me and teach me interesting stuff. But I’m exploring the idea of reducing distractions and noise.

When I train businesses how to write a business blog, one of the major concerns people have is about the time it will take. I totally understand this. But can you honestly account for all of your working day? You’d probably be surprised (or not!) by how much time is lost through checking email or aimlessly chatting on facebook or Twitter. That’s time that could be spent more wisely!

Here are some articles that have influenced me recently. They’ve made me think about how we need to carefully choose how we spend our time.

Claire Burge – the productivity coach and life without email champion!
How I Gave up Email and Reclaimed 3 Hours a Day I’m not brave enough to do this yet but I’m finding ways to reduce the amount of emails that land in my inbox!

mnmlist: blog advice on living a minimalist life by Leo Babauta
The art of brief emails and What twitter needs to add next. Nothing. These articles remind me of the power of simplicity.

Melanie Biehle – an editorial and brand content creator

You’re My Obsession: “Slow” Blogging + Mindful Social Media Melanie shares an honest post about her struggle with social media. She sums it up perfectly when she says ‘You don’t have to do it all’.

Do you sometimes feel overwhelmed by social media and the time it takes? Here are some tips that work for me:

Realise that all of us are juggling our time too! Chat with others and find out what works for them. Get out and have more coffee dates!

  • Look at how you spend your day. Try the Pomodoro method (found in this post) to measure your results!
  • Reduce noise – cull your email subscription list or the people you ‘follow’ online. Only read content that is relevant and excites you. Be aware of how much time you spend/lose on social sites during the day.
  • Make time to for social media in the same way you plan the rest of your business. I recommend putting aside a couple of hours each week to write a blog post. Make it a regular habit.
  • My biggest piece of advice is to slow down and make a conscious decision about what content you consume and share. Two great blog posts a month is better than 10 bland ones. Let’s edit ourselves every day too!

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