What three things would you like people to believe about your business?

31st August

My business card asks a thought provoking question; what are the three things you would like people to believe about your business?’ It’s a simple but crucial idea – if you don’t know exactly what you do, how can you expect your customers to know either? Knowing the answer to this question will give you clarity in so many situations, from meeting people at networking events or creating website copy to chatting on social platforms. Ultimately it boils down to one thing – what do you want to be known for?

Three Thought Bubbles

We start with this question when I train business owners how to communicate what they do on the web. What seems like an obvious question can be a tricky one for many people to answer.

I often begin by sharing my own ‘three things’. Over the last seventeen years, I have owned two businesses. Each offered very different services but I’ve always been very clear on communicating how I can help people. Real examples are useful in training, so today I’m going to share the three things I’d like you to know and believe about Three Thought Bubbles, as well as for my previous business Rangoli.

Three Thought Bubbles human business branding

At Three Thought Bubbles – I offer training and mentoring in the area of online business communication with an emphasis on clarity and human connection. The three things I would like people to believe about my business are:

1.I believe that human business works and that it is essential to emotionally connect with your customers on the web. People do business with people they trust.
2. I understand your world. Having run two businesses, I know what it’s like to juggle all aspects of a business, including sales and marketing.
3. I want to inspire you and give you the confidence to tell your business story. I will provide you with new tools, skills and support.

In my previous business Rangoli, I designed bespoke bridal jewellery and headpieces. My skills were much wider than that of a jewellery designer. I listened, reassured and interpreted clients ideas, offered advice on styling and involved clients in the design process. Here are the three things that I wanted my clients to know and believe:

Rangoli Jewellery website

1. I will listen to you from the first email or telephone enquiry, right through to a face to face meeting,
2. I will offer honest and expert advice
3. I will involve you in the design process to create a piece of jewellery that you will cherish wearing for years to come.

I hope these two examples are helpful for you! Ask yourself this question and see how clearly you can tell yourself what you do and who you help. Take your time and keep editing your ideas and words until they reflect your core business values.

In a future post, I’ll show you how you can create content and start conversations that support this business ethos. That’s what social media for business is all about. Do you need some help with that? I offer a range of training and would love to have a chat with you about humanising your business on and off the web!

Please share your own ‘three thought bubbles’ in the comments below or over on Facebook. Go on, be brave šŸ™‚

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