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20th December

It intrigues me more and more these days! And it has become a bit of an obsession. I’m on the cusp of something new and it feels great.

All of my blogging has got me thinking about why I do what I do. And that in turn leads to further mad questions about what I’ll be doing in another few years. Here’s the thing; I am addicted to the why of what other people do too… even more so than the what. You may have read my post on the rather cool father and daughter business called Herriett Grace. What they produce and do is great but how it all came about is the seller for me. I get a sense of who they are and that is what draws me into their world.

In order to get others excited about blogging and teaching people in my blogging workshops, I need to show examples of people who are doing this well. The world may be a tiny virtual place but I’m particularly keen to showcase Irish-based businesses who blog. It seems that many people are still reluctant to buy on-line (although this is changing) so a successful blog can lead to that face-to-face sale. Of course, it depends on the product completely. I’m speaking from personal experience here.

Just a couple of weeks ago, I discovered Makers & Brothers; Irish brothers who run a shop and on-line business selling a range of Irish design and craft. They’ve also had a series of pop-up shops from Dublin and London to New York.

Makers and brothers Makers & Brothers – Jonathan and Mark Legge

Makers and Brothers is a project developed by two brothers Jonathan and Mark Legge. It is an online retail venture founded on simple things; the handmade, objects of integrity, contemporary vernaculars, a curation of everyday design and craft. We define craft as a process, a production by hand or machine.

We are an international destination with an Irish foundation and will at all times endeavour to sell objects of use; the simple, beautiful and sometimes nicely odd.

I have yet to meet the guys and visit their shop in Blackrock – but I’m intrigued by their philosophy and obvious passion for promoting good design. They are not just selling products here. They have carefully curated a collection of unique and beautifully crafted pieces. And they are equally interested in the skills and stories behind them. Their blog is filled with inspiring finds – from videos to product releases. My favourite part of the site are the ‘Maker stories‘. In this series, Jonathan and Mark visit the studios of the designers who supply them with art objects. Rather than an interview format, snippets of warm conversations are combined with candid pics of studios, materials, work in progress, people and their pets!

Makers & Brothers Makers & Brothers – Meet our makers

The interviews are unedited chats with makers about how and why they do what they do. Here’s a snippet from an interview with Gearoid from Superfolk:

We went for a drive with Superfolk. We were heading off to see the production of  new mugs that are being sold exclusively through Makers and Brothers.

The text with the image above reads:

We drove home as it started to get dark.
Jonathan and Mark: “What is essential in your work?”
Gearóid: “Honesty, integrity, ease of use and sustainability, the story, the making.”Makers & Brothers

I can’t wait to visit Makers & Brothers and will be back with more posts – I’m hoping to interview them for my Blogger Spotlight series too. Check out their website and blog as well as an interview with Jonathan over on 189.com

The Makers and Brothers shop is open by appointment: The Shed, Abbey Court, Abbey Road, Blackrock, Co. Dublin.

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  1. Aga says:

    Wow! I love that shed 🙂

  2. I know Aga, I have to go and check it out myself soon!

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