Why blogging is not about finding your voice

18th August

New bloggers are encouraged to find their voice but what does that mean exactly? I take a different approach to this metaphor when I train owners how to write a business blog. I believe that creating engaging content is about developing, rather than finding your voice. There is a subtle difference which I’d like to discuss with you today.

Develop your brand voice through business blogging

What if you approached your online business communication in a different way? If you allow yourself to relax a little, you will realise something important – The goal isn’t to have the loudest voice on the internet. It’s to have a voice: your voice.

Publishing content online is not purely for other people to read. It’s about developing a relationship with your own voice and ideas. Blogging helps you to find ways to express your ideas to yourself first and then to others.

Creating valuable content is not about seeking validation from customers and peers (although you need to be aware of their needs). It’s about exploring ideas that excite you from start to finish. Sometimes that can be a messy process! So much of what we share online is tightly edited. Ideas need space to develop and grow. Today I am encouraging you to use this online platform to own and voice your ideas publicly.

Over time, your blog can become a living business plan as you actively explore new directions. Interactive feedback is a great way to pitch new ideas or products and make sure you are on track. Clear patterns will show up which might have otherwise gone unnoticed.

Whether you are a sole trader or a larger company, it is your job to make your business ‘findable’. How are you helping search engines — and most importantly, people, to find your business on the web?


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