Why do you do what you do? Learn how to write your business story.

11th March

Colin Harmon from 3FE coffee shop, Dublin.

Hell yeah – what a statement from Colin Harmon, from 3FE coffee shop, Dublin! If I was to ask you why you do what you do, would you be able to answer? There are lots of reasons why I do what I do. And once I launched this second business, I realised that my values or ‘whys’ overlap between my two skills. First off, I like to be creative but the main kick I get from what I do, is helping other people. So whether that is designing or teaching; it’s all about connecting with others.

When I first launched my jewellery business in 1998, I supplied galleries and shops around Ireland. But the downside of that was that I never got to meet the people I was designing for. So, there was no feedback and no chance to design something specially for someone. I had to find a new way of doing business so I could get to know my clients and involve them in the designing! Now I only design to order.

I’m watching with amazement how quickly online ways of communication are changing. If we want to connect with readers, we have to be open and human. It makes sense right? People buy from people they like or can relate to. And so, your  business story is the core of your business. Colin Harmon from 3FE coffee shop certainly knows how to tell his story! He takes us on his crazy adventure from the world of finance and investment to barista champion and coffee shop owner. He describes his whole journey and his passion for coffee and coffee culture. He tells his story in a conversational way, including short film clips and photos. He held my attention right to the end! But most of all, he really made me want to try his coffee…

3fe coffee shop Dublin Colin Harmon, 3FE coffee shop, Dublin

Lucky for me, 3FE is around the corner from my studio in The Design Tower. Tomorrow’s cuppa might be a Bolivian Finca Loayza – complex, biscuit sweetness, keylime pie, dark chocolate finish. I hope I get to meet Colin.

*Edited to say that I just had a tasty, double-shot, Guatemalan latte and am fully charged for the rest of the day! I didn’t get to meet Colin but I’ll catch him next time I drop by.

3FE coffee shop, Dublin

Learning how to write your business story is a key part of my workshops. Class numbers are limited to 6 which allows for lots of creative interaction! Get in touch if you’d like to find out more. I’d love to hear from you.

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  1. caroline says:

    That is a great story! Makes me want to head there for a coffee right now! A very good example of how the personal story connects you to the brand in a very real way.

  2. admin says:

    Nothing like a strong brew combined with a good story eh? I love his dramatic change of career choice!

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