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Three Thought Bubbles is now closed – I am no longer offering these courses.

Below is an outline of the courses I used to offer. It is a record of the material I created for individual and group workshops.

At Three Thought Bubbles, I train you how to humanise your brand on the web. I offer two different types of classes; one-to-one or small group workshops. Here are two things I believe and know to be true –

    • Being human in business works – now we need to learn how to extend our skills to the web
    • Using social media wisely gives you (as well as your customers) clarity about what you do. It’s the best ‘living’ business plan you’ll ever create!

How can I help you?

I’ll give you the confidence and skills to connect with your customers online! I can train you how to write an authentic business blog. I can also help you create a clear brand story and social media strategy. Together we’ll explore how people ‘experience’ your brand.

Here are my current one-to-one training classes:

‘Subtract’ Duration: 1.5 hours.(One to one training)

Simplify how you do business –
As time-poor business owners, it’s easy to get buried in the day-to-day running of your business. You struggle to find time to ask really important questions of yourself. Subtract training gives you the space and support to review your business today. It’s about simplifying how you do business.
get business clarity bytaking a 'Subtract' workshop with Three Thought Bubbles

Let’s re-connect with what you love to do
‘Subtract’ is about getting an ‘outside-in’ view and reconnecting with the ‘why’ of what you do. It’s about getting clear on who you want to do business with and what you are offering them. It’s about making business easier and more effective for you.

  • Find out how Subtract can help you and your business
  • Venue: central Dublin location or your premises (by arrangement)
    Price: €250


    ‘Blogging with heart’ Duration: Three, two hour sessions. (One to one training)
    Learn how to write an authentic business blog.

    Are you interested in writing a blog but are unsure about exactly how it can help your business? Or do you keep telling yourself that you’re ‘not a writer’? I’ll de-mystify the jargon and give you the confidence to take the first steps. Together we’ll look at your business, get clear on who your customers are and create a blogging plan. I’ll share tools and resources to help you on your blogging journey. Benefits of this class; it’s tailored for you and I will get you excited about starting your blog!

    “Aisling helped remind me why I was blogging and gave me direction. I am now blogging consistently on a weekly basis and I can see huge benefits for our business – more that 80% of our business comes as a result of the blog!
    Aine Teahan – ‘And Baby Makes Three’

  • Read more about how you can learn to blog
  • Venue: central Dublin location or your premises (by arrangement)
    Price: €550

    In-house training

    I regularly work as a mentor and trainer and am happy to discuss projects by phone or in person.
    I have experience training for Local Enterprise Boards and am a mentor with the Design and Crafts Council of Ireland.

  • Get in touch to discuss my training offerings

  • Group workshops; who are they for?

    Throughout the year I run a number of creative group workshops – get notified when I announce these events. The workshop is designed for anyone who would like to write a business blog. No previous experience is a bonus; I want to set you on the right track! Established bloggers will also learn lots of new skills and ways of thinking. The course is non-teckie and suitable for Mac or PC users.

    three thought bubbles2 1

    What will you learn?

    A one day master class that will teach you the key skills necessary to write and maintain a blog. Maximum of 6 students per class. Emphasis is on practical skills as well as access to free or inexpensive tools and applications. See also the outline of the workshop course.

     three thought bubbles 3

    Where do the classes take place?

    Classes are currently being held at ‘The Casting Couch’ in Dublin. This is a unique venue that will fire up your creative juices. No to stuffy conference rooms and flip charts! Yes to a fun and creative learning environment (as well as the cappuccino machine in the kitchen).

     three thought bubbles 5

    Why should you blog?

    The best quote I heard recently is by Michael Margolis:

    “People are reading about you while you sleep.”

    If you don’t have a strong internet presence, you are losing out to your competitors. Business blogging allows you to connect directly with your target audience so that you can engage with them before they even get to meet you.

     three thought bubbles 6

    When do the courses take place?

    My one to one classes are ongoing and can be organised to suit your schedule. The group workshop are less frequent and will be advertised here. Please get in touch to register your interest and availability. I would love to meet you at one of my classes!

     three thought bubbles 7

    What the course is not

    This course won’t teach you how to set up a blogging account. Nor is it about choosing which blogging platform suits your needs. That’s the easy bit that you can do yourself. Emphasis is on writing and visual content, with your client always in mind.

    How much does the workshop cost?

    The one day workshop costs €240. Early bird tickets at €210 are available for a limited time.

    Read what others are saying about the course:

    The class was above and beyond what I was expecting and I’ll definitely be recommending you to others. I thought that the way you seemed to immerse yourself in my blog was really effective – and that all your suggestions were very thoughtful and well-researched. The insight on the ‘About’ page was especially noteworthy and I’m looking forward to spending some time going through and editing the set-up of the blog.

    Derek  Bell – Sustainable Rhythms

    I recently took part in Aisling Nelsons ‘Three Thought Bubbles’ workshop. As a complete novice to blogging and feeling apprehensive about starting one, Aisling’s whole setup immediately put me at ease. The workshop had a really relaxed atmosphere, perfect for a Sunday! Having a variety of people at different stages of blogging, from novices to people with some experience, the small group size made it easy to ask any questions along the way. All the information was clearly explained, from the very initial where to start, to highlighting all the important aspects which make a blog successful. A really comprehensive and enjoyable workshop.

    Liz Dolan – Liz Dolan Design


    I’ve been writing a blog for a couple of years now, but am always looking for ways to improve what I do. Aisling’s Three Thought Bubbles workshop proved to be an excellent way of exploring the world of blogging and adding to my skills. The day was insightful, informative and a lot of fun. Aisling’s own online experience has given her ample knowledge of the art of blogging, and she has understanding and insight that will be useful for both beginners and experienced bloggers alike. I recommend her workshop to anyone considering learning how to start or wishing to improve their blog.

    Eadaoin Conneally – City of Blackbirds

    I had been playing with the idea of starting a blog to complement my business for some time so when I came across the blogging course run by Aisling I was intrigued. Having attended plenty of courses before, I was pleasantly surprised how much of the day I really enjoyed. Between group discussions to viewing other blogs with a critical eye I came away a step closer to my blogging dream

    Sarah Foy – Sarah Foy Design

    After attending the 3 Thought Bubbles course on blogging, I feel that I have a much better understanding of what it is to write a good blog, from blog styling to contact. I found the information in the course helpful and easy to understand. I loved the venue and think it really helped create a nice atmosphere for open communication and sharing ideas among the group.

    Anne Hadnet – Citrus Ink

    Thank you Aisling for a fab day at the 3 Thought Bubbles Workshop. The Casting Couch was such a lovely venue and I felt at ease the minute I arrived. It was great to be able to discuss ideas and issues with other blog friendly people. The course helped me to think of my own blog in a new way and to pin down some achievable goals for it moving forward. It prompted me to see the blog from the viewpoint of the reader and that has given me some great ideas for improvements. I also learnt some great tips about creating content and discovered some more handy online tools and resources to work with. Im sure the course will be a great success and I’ll be keeping an eye out for any future courses that you run. All the best, Hilary.

    Hilary Glynn – Buzz and Lola

    Thank you so much for the blogging class on Sunday. Loved the location of the workshop, really made the whole thing feel less corporate as lets face it, we don’t work in a corporate setting! I put your suggestion to keep sentences short and snappy to the test and trailed a small blog on Tuesday and it went down well. I would recommend your class for anyone looking to understand the art of blogging and the many ways you can approach it. Thanks again, I’ll be recommending this to anyone starting in business with a blog to tackle!

    Claire – White Sage events

    All photographs © Aine Teahon